Spiral Painter V2.0

The process of painting has never been so easy and exciting!

Now, besides the usual brush you can use a spiral brush. With it you can draw such paintings, which are not reproducible by another doodle or sketch programs!

Take a look at the pictures posted below for the iPhone and the iPad, as well as the pictures on the application's Facebook-page.

Combining the different settings of the spiral brush with its unique features: customizable color spectrum and calligraphic pen effect, you will be able to draw millions of fancy curves that decorate you drawings and photographs. Do not forget about the standard brush settings, such as transparency, thickness, spacing and shape!

You'll be amazed with your achieved results!

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Spiral Painter Main Facts

How it works

Take a look to the Help and Video Tutorials.

You'll learn how to:

  • use basic App's features
  • use Gradient effectively
  • export your work properly
  • use Spirals Catalog
  • create Neon brush effect
  • apply your knowledge
  • and more...


Here are some examples that can be drawn in Spiral Painter in less than 1 minute.

Spiral Art 001 Spiral Art 002 Spiral Art 003

Spirals Catalog

Carry over spiral's configuration directly to the Spiral Painter App. Examples:

SPV2_160_M133_181_100_C_5_1 SPV2_32_0_114_52_W_3_1 SPV2_217_M108_135_100_C_5_1